One of the greatest thing our existence has to offer: mind. What exactly it is? We don’t know yet. But it is  very powerful tool. 


Brain is a sort of programmable supercomputer that essentially runs our bodies. It stores memories and effects our emotions and behaviors. Some people think that the thoughts too are a part of it. In my opinion, it is not the case. As I see, thoughts are commands that run this computer. These thoughts do not originate from the brain, instead they come from an outer source. Where is that outer source? 

Since childhood we are programmed by different systems maintained for this very reason. We are programmed and conditioned through these sources, to act in a certain way. The thoughts planted by them in our brains to make it work according to the objectives these systems have. Due to this, people never had exercised control over their own brain. The thoughts they have are mostly all fake.

These thoughts are planted in childhood, which need to be questioned. These thoughts are mostly beliefs that doesn’t make sense. These thoughts or belief systems don’t have any logical background. Whatever thoughts are coming in the mind, one has to distinguish them and eliminate them from his/her brain. This is the true freedom of mind, when you break the chains if thoughts. Free from what someone else told you, to you or about the world. Give up the belief systems.

What next

Now when you gave up all the outside thoughts, your brain is now running without commands. Now you have to ‘control’ your mind. These thoughts will be commands to your brain. Negative thoughts, negative outcomes. Positive thoughts, positive outcomes.

Control the only thing you can: yourself


Independence Day

Celebrations, celebrations, celebrations everywhere. I am standing here scratching my chin. Why? Why are they celebrating such delusions? I will never be able to measure the stupidity of such thing. To be honest, people need something to worship. Be it country, religion, culture, skin, race, and whatnot.

Why? Why should we live as if divided? Why do we have to fight wars? Why is there the lust for power?

Human nature..

I am neither a psychologist, or anything like that. As if it matters, given that educational institutions teach what is ‘needed’ instead of what is real. The need changes as per the objectives of the people in control. So I will refer to none other than my own observations of things. This view will take one of my previous articles as a base.

Taking the fact that core human nature is changeable; they can be anything, the theories about it are entirely neglected in this article. Since they can be anything, they can be programmed easily. Any human can program himself or herself as they want to, but if not they will be programmed by others.

Realizing this fact, certain people with resources created certain systems for human programming. They did this to maintain their power. These systems include: education, culture, religion and any kind of ‘belief systems’. What happens is, since childhood with the influence of all these things child develops a ‘mask’. This mask is called personality. This is created by things around him, systems and beliefs, telling the child that he is certain things and is here for certain things. Through this a mixture of different people, under the illusion of concrete persona (they are something), are developed. For example if you are programmed to be selfish, either by you or someone else, than you ‘will’ be selfish.

You are what you think you are…


These people are one of those people who are under same illusion of the concrete persona. Sure, very few people who come out of these mental barriers. Among these people, there included religious fanatics, the students, and many others.

Seeing them with pity in my eyes. I have a message for them..

You have the power to be anything. Nobody has that power. Re program your brain, or else someone else will program it. And that someone else is mostly doing it for selfish reasons. You don’t have to be anything… You are you.

Life after death?

This is the topic that puts many people off. Some believe in heaven and hell. Some believe in the journey in the underworld, through river Styx. Some believe that it is just it, there is nothing more out there. What we would do is get rid of all belief, and present logical and rational opinions. 

Here we will take the fact that we and all around us is nothing more than different vibrations of energy. So we will start from the person’s death.

Who are we?

To first consider life after death, we must see what is human? Are we our bodies? Or are we our brains? Or is there a soul? 

There are many things that runs the body. Brain is the key thing that sends commands. How does it operates? Through the electricity that travels through our spine and all the nervous system. This electricity fire neurons as per it wants, and enables us to think certain things. So the question arises: Does it enables ‘us’ to think? Or are we that electricity, which ‘animates’ the body? We (electricity) think as we want? 

This very electricity ‘leaves’ the body when we die. How this electricity is guided in the body? Through ofcourse none other than magnetic force, as ofcourse there is no other thing that guides electricity except wires (which don’t exist in our body). So when we die this electromagnetic force leave our bodies, leaving it still, unanimated, and ofcourse colder.

If we take the fact that this electromagnetic force is really ‘us’, than can we not call it soul? And can it not enter another kid in the belly of a pregnant lady? Are we pointing at reincarnation?

This doesn’t ends here…

Up till now we talked about the electromagnetic force. What about the body? There are two things that happen:

  • Either we cremate, or
  • Bury it

If we cremate it, the body is again converted into ashes and ultimately eenergy in the air breathed by another human being.

If we bury than the body dissolves and with its minerals trees grow which ultimately bear fruit. This is eaten by humans or animals. Body is born again too?

These questions are to be pondered upon. It might be opening of a new gateway of understanding of humanity.

God (In my humble opinion)

As we have seen in previous article that according to me, there are flaws in both sides of the coin. This further proves the relativity of truth. Believing in an absolute truth ia an ignorance.

Knowing and not ‘believing’

Belief is a serious and yet most misunderstood word. It is also a very mischievous word. Why? Because you ‘believe’ in what you don’t ‘know’ about. In my journey, the most exhilarating joy originated to give up all beliefs. It was very difficult, and yet it was worth it. It granted me true freedom. To get the clear understanding of things, one has to think above all beliefs.

In my humble opinion..

If you look and observe more closely, you will observe interconnectedness of the events. The universe working on concrete laws. It will show you that it is not all random and coincidental. There are some observations that you may agree to:

  • Everything around us that we observe, seems finite.
  • Every finite thing must have an origin. It must be from a source.
  • Everything is in it’s place. Such as the in the moon etc.

    Let’s come out of all beliefs and put our observations to use. All these things are finite. The sun, the moon, the earth, the stars and whatnot. Atleast according to our observations. They all must have a source, a reason too (applying principle of sufficient reason too). There are now two possibilities:

    • A finite source,
    • An infinite source.

    If we take a finite source, we can say that it too again must have a ssource. It will go on and on until we reach an infinite source. 

    The infinity..

    Infinity doesn’t ends. It never gets added, it never gets subtracted, it never gets multiplied, and it never gets divided. There was, or is, an infinite source. Since it is the source, then how did universe originated. How did it get built? There possibly had to be building blocks or some material for it. 

    The infinity cannot get added or subtracted, that means the infinite didn’t subtract building blocks from it. We can only say that the infinity ‘arranged’ itself to become the universe. But the questions arises: Is universe infinite too? Or are there are infinite, finite universes? 

    These two questions are to be answered. But what we get is, the fact that the infinity created universe. And we all are made of that infinity. We are finite, within the infinite. 

    Going within…

    If we are of the same fabric as that infinity, then what is that fabric? We go deeper than atom and find electrons and protons. The atom itself is ninety nine percent ‘nothing’ or empty space. What are these other particles? They are an energy. The energy with two charges: negative and positive. Essentially they are the same, but differ in vibrations. Vibrations of the same one energy. 

    So is this energh God?

    We all are different vibrations of that basic energy. If we take this perspective, then we can easily say that it’s all is energy at different ‘creative’ vibrations.

    If we take energy to be conscious, like creating with it’s own mind. Then we can easily say that this is god. Them God that vibrated at different frequencies to create different things. If we say that it is trial and error, then again it seems to have willpower of it’s own to vibrate ‘as it wishes’. 

    But does it wants us to worship it? If yes, then we gotta worship ourselves to worship it since we also are that very energy. If it doesn’t? Then well what’s the point. After seeing things like this then the of religion seems to be none other than political power.


    Is there a god? Or is there nothing? 

    This is one of the basic questions posed by life. Is there something out there? I too had dived deep into that question. At first I had a quest to find the one true God, and thus I studied religions and philosophies. But none seem to satisfy my quest. Every of these things have some basic flaws in it. I asked several questions to priests of many religions. To the monotheists I asked:

    1. Where is god?

    2. Is god man or a woman?

    3. Why god wants us to follow  religion and not others?

    4. Why does god puts someone in hell forever, for not just believing?

    5. If god is really that good, why does he not completely eradicate evil?


    Well there was no satisfying answer. As for: where is god? Some said he was up in skies, some said everywhere! Well everywhere doesn’t made much sense does it? Or possibly they hadn’t understood the phrase themselves.

    Is god man or a woman? Well this startled many people. But most of them answered: ‘male’. Which ofcourse explained the patriarchal nature of most of the religions.

    The third question is quiet controversial. That projects an image of really egotistical god. Well, that’s the truth. But what if he doesn’t really want that!

    Fourth and third question contains same answers. But if we ponder deeply, it seems that religions are nothing but political machines created to gather followers to have worldwide power. I am not saying anything about the truthfulness and honesty of the prophets. To be honest, we don’t even know if all that history tells us really happened that way. Who knows!

    Well this very basic question startles many. There are thousands of answers but none justifies a benevolent god to see and then un-see what is happening in Africa, the middle east, or anywhere around the world. To be honest whole world is plunged into war in which all types of crimes are happening.


    Honestly any religion of this world doesn’t makes much sense to me. If you dive down deep, everything is based upon ‘belief’. But guess what, belief doesn’t proves or disproves anything.

    Frederic Nietzsche said:

    If you think belief proves or disproves anything, take a stroll around an asylum…


    There is a new group of people: Athiest. Athiest are people who aren’t thiests. They dont ‘believe’ in any god. Up till here, I can safely say that I am an Athiest too. I don’t ‘believe’. But if we go further there are several flaws. Not saying each and every Athiest thinks this way, but majority of them does. They believe in:

    • Coincidence of universe
    • Coincidence of things
    • Randomness

    Again not saying that this is the case with every Athiest. But majority of them are quiet rigid in this.

    To be honest, if you claim to be a logical person than ofcourse you are wrong if you believe in randomness of things. Looking around and observing deeply, one can easily say that most of the things are connected. Too many coincidences just don’t occur to mind as logical.

    Some will say: “it’s hard to believe, but it is the fact”. Here they are doing the exact same thing as their religious counterparts. They are ‘believing’, not knowing. They are even adamant upon it. The logical nature of events and universe tell us that it may entirely not be a coincidence. The perfect system of universe is an explicit denial of belief in randomness. Sun and moon come out at prescribed times, they certainly not are coincidences.

    That’s all I have to say to you. Staying rigid to one part of the truth makes you ignorant. The true thing is: you don’t ‘know’, you just ‘believe’. 

    Imagination (Part 2)

    As we have seen in previous article, our current perception gives us very limited reality. Only one realm, the physical is what we know. 

    Our senses work on a certain frequency. For example, our ears can catch certain frequencies. Bats can hear higher frequencies than humans. So that means there is much more beyond what we perceive. There are higher frequencies, and hence higher realms. This physical realm has a certain frequency that our senses can catch, only because of that we can perceive this realm.


    So if we combine last article to the introduction of this one, can’t we say that imagination enables us to see beyond this realm? Tuning us into different frequencies? 

    Imagination leads us to percieve beyond. Travel to other realms. 

    Why does some imaginations manifest in physical reality?

    The great writers, inventors and many other great people had manifested things into physical reality. Orville and Wilbur wright imagined that humans could fly, and they manifested it in physical reality. It seems people who have strong imaginations, and willpower to keep imagining can actually shift things between realms.

    This willpower had been talked about in an article named: Destiny. If we combine both concepts so we can say that with enough will and endurance you can take your future in your own hands and manifest whatever you want in your future.

    No matter why schools today dumb down our kid’s imaginations.

    Nikola Tesla was right:

    “If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of vibration and frequency.”


    For years I had pondered upon this mystery. It almost seems fantastical. What exactly is that?

    The pictures of flying dragons to flying cars, literally everything can be produced in mind. Are they produced? Or are they already there in our memories? What is it?

    What did I understood about it..

    If we come back to reality and understand it, then we may be able to understand imagination. So the question: What is reality?

    If we hold a blue pen in our hand, which seems to be real we can define it in a certain way. We see, smell, or feel it in a certain way. In short we ‘perceive’ it in a certain way. But it does not mean that what we perceive is really out there. We may see its color and call it blue. But some people may beg to differ. They only see black and white. Some animals see more range of colors than us. In fact, the way we perceive the pen, may be different than what another person perceives it. Possibly, our blue is his red but he is saying it blue because he had been taught to call what he sees red as blue. Same way there are sounds. Some animals can hear more sounds that human minds cannot. That means all we percieve is what our senses and our brains enable us to. Essentially what we perceive as reality is all in our brain, in our imagination.

    If we expand our minds. What we perceive, think, or imagine is all essentially our imagination.

    Then what is reality?

    If we say, imagination is reality than we won’t be mistaken. But in the realm of our senses, not all of what is in our minds manifest. But that doesn’t means it doesn’t exists. What we imagine is reality. Some of it does not manifest in physical realm, like our thoughts. 

    But sometimes some people had manifested what was in their minds only into physical reality too. Like big inventors, and many more. If we say there are plains beyond our physical plain, the ones our physical senses that cannot perceive, then we aren’t mistaken. Since it had been seen that imagination is reality.

    So if next time you see a dragon coming to kill you in your mind, then don’t be mistaken that it is ‘just’ mind. That dragon is very real, but since it hadn’t manifested in physical reality it cannot effect you physically. But in mind it can. To get killed you need to get killed both in physical and mental reality. 


    Luck, fate, destiny…. These words had occupied the minds of humanity. I am no exception. It had been covered with the dust of thousands of myths, fantasies and stories. To many it seems concrete and fixed. On the other hand, some say that ‘you make your own destiny’. I had thought about the subject too. As always,  the original thoughts of mine were relating to what I have been told or what I have read in the books. But later I started to think rationally. All we have is our minds. Let’s break all the chains and see through the veil.


    If we expand our minds, we will see two things that occur in present and effect our future: External environment and our decisions.

    What happens next is a logical consequence and one of possibilities of these two things. So we can say that these two things are what creates our future. Since the truth is relative, future is both fixed and changeable.

    Future is fixed..

    In our world thousands of people make thousands of decisions. The weather and other outside events also occur. These things have logical consequences that effect our future. For example, there is a storm which hinders you to go to your job. Essentially, it shaped your future by happening at the time of your job. In future you cannot go to office. This is how your future is fixed. The storm is itself a result of many logical things that happened before it. This is the external environment that effects us. They try to fix our future. In these things decisions of other people also are included.

    Future is changeable

    The other thing that effects future is your own decision. It is quiet simple. Your daily choices create logical consequences. For example, you decided to fight a man who was screwing with you. The fight will result different logical consequences. Like, you will be engaged in a fight or possibly injured in near future. If you chose to ignore, it will result differently. Possibly, you will walk away unharmed not ending up in hospital in near future.

    How much of both of these things matter…

    If you observe, you will see that it differs from person to person. Some have hundred percent in their hands, some have hundred percent out of control. If we take the storm example from above, we will be able to understand better.

    Storm example:

    The guy surely had his future effected by outside events. But he thinks… 

    I am crazy, I will go anyway..

    And he goes anyway. There are three possiblities;

    • He will reach his office
    • He will die on the way
    • He will get severely injured

    By using his mind, his will power or his own decision he took matters into his own hands and went, and hence changing his future. If he dies, than it’s another point. But if he gets injured and says:

    Shit.. I am crazy I am going to go to office anyway. 

    Again he created two more possibilities :

    • Either he will die of injury 
    • He will get to office.

    He might get more injured on the way and still reach his office. Just by not getting his mind effected by external happenings he started to get his future into his own hands. The possibilities of not getting to his office, reaching his goal is reduced.

    We can say, anyone can create thier future by thier willpower. 

    You have your future in your own hands.

    Who am I?

    The question drills down on brains, like literally. That is why people just lift off that question from their brains in their young years. It is easier at that age, since your body is strong and you can occupy yourself with other things to get distracted. But later on in life, the question comes back. Why does it? Because the body is now weaker and the person had done literally everything he could. There is nothing for distraction now. No escape. Mind will keep throbbing you. What are you doing? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Some people die, getting weakened by the stress and depression the question gives. Some people suicide, well, if something has no purpose than it’s useless. Even a mic has a purpose, that people speak into it. The question is important and basic. 

    Who am I?

    Well as same as all humans, I got the question throbbing into me. In younger age, I did not threw it away because I could. Well it wouldn’t make sense to me, to just go on without really knowing myself and what exactly is my purpose. The question was too hard. I read hundreds of books over it, and yet cannot find the answers. 

    I stopped and thought for a while. I had searched everything I can from outside. Now its time to go inside. I sat down in my room, darkened it so that I don’t get distracted and thought upon it. I asked myself the big question: Who am I? The answers started to come.


    Well, that will change when I am not getting taught.


    Well that would change to, when I will stop giving tuition.

    My personality?

    That is changeable too.

    My religion?

    Beliefs can change too.

    My nationality?

    Well that can change too.


    That I will cease to be when I will die.

    But you won’t exist then?

    Well many authors live on. Many people live on in terms of memories. That means there is some sort of existence after death by which people continue to exist, sometimes get manifested as memories.

    So.. Then what?

    I am something that can be ‘anything’ mentioned above. 

    What is that ‘something’?

    I think that ‘something ‘ is me. I am something that is so changeable that it can be anything. Essentially I am ‘nothing’ within, but I am at the same time all of the things above. Since the truth is relative, I am ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’ at the same time.

    What is my purpose?

    That question was quiet risky, and yet at the same time quiet important. To be honest, a robot is made for some purpose. Every animal has a purpose. So what was mine? 

    The answer that came was quiet powerful. Since I am nothing, and at the same time I was student and teacher and whatnot. That means since I am nothing, I can be anything. And when I will become something, my purpose would be the purpose of that thing.

    Essentially, I define my own purpose.

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